Life’s a Beach

You can compare life to basically anything. A roller coaster, a camera, a beautiful melody, a piano, a mountain and all that stuff, but then I went to the beach recently and thought:

Just like a beach, life gives us waves.

Waves of joy,

Waves of sadness,

Waves of terror,

Waves of challenges.

But every waves brings new things, shells and fishes. Just like how life gives us circumstances and accomplishments.




People come and go. Some become your friends, some don’t. Some stay longer, some stay shorter.

Regardless, someone is bound to go.  And weather you like it or not someone’s going to come.

We don’t know who, we don’t know when. But what we all should know is that no one is destined to stand alone. 


So, I learned that our relationship with God is like pottery. 

God’s the potter and we’re the clay. 

We keep spinning around but, but we don’t form into something until He puts His hands on us. 

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Roller Coaster

Life is like a roller coaster ride. It takes us up and down, round and round. Sometimes we rise, sometimes we drop. And I think that’s what we need to know about life. We won’t always be at the top nor we’ll always be at the bottom. 

Every side of life has their own beauty and learning. Especially when you see everything from the top. 
And the people who chose end their lives at their lowest, never got to experience that. 
For the people who are at their lowest and everyone who has been there, always remember that the ride will take you at the top. 
That’s how the roller coaster ride goes. 
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Why do we always say “when in reality?” Why does it seems like, that all the good things in the world are fictitious? Is happy ending that impossible?

Sure our life is not like a fairytale. We have no dwarves, no fairy godmother, no talking tea pots…. but what we all have is a prince charming. Sure everything doesn’t end up well. Sometimes it just doesn’t work out.

All it takes is the right person and the right time. Then from there, we can live our happily ever after.

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